• Designs

    See a design you like? Or, do you have a design of your own in mind?  Just complete our online 'Request a Quote' form and we will contact you to discuss your request in more detail.

    We specialise in customizing any of our designs to suit your space, whatever that may be: decorative screens, privacy screens, garden screens, fence panels, garden features, interior wall features, dividing walls, entry panels, portals, gates, shade screens, decorative picture frames and signage, limited only by your imagination.

  • Have Your Own Design?
    Our Art and Production team can take your design from concept to completion.
  • Single Panel Designs
  • Birdwood

    Inspired by ’Web’, this impressive design depicts the woven random patterns hidden in a bird’s... +more

  • Kasbah

    Inspired by the hustle and bustle of a bazaar, this eclectic busy design would suit any surface or s... +more

  • Pop

    Perfect effortless orbs in this design create a sense of light-hearted fun to brighten up your space... +more

  • Wave

    This pattern is inspired by the swelling motion of the ocean.  The rise and fall of waves is depict... +more

  • Tripoli

    This design is an ever-changing myriad of shapes and patterns, perfect for use where privacy is the ... +more

  • Swirl

    Flowing and concentric, this design would be fantastic in an exterior setting, particularly creating... +more

  • Coral

    Representing the random nature of coral, this pattern is highly functional in any setting. +more

  • Burst

    Starry and vibrant, this design takes its influence from the night sky, looking striking in the gard... +more

  • Web

    A stunning representation of dewy spider webs in the early morning, the versatility of this design i... +more

  • Aurora Blue
    Aurora Blue

    Curved linear connections form this versatile design, perfect for adding ambience to any space or su... +more

  • Multi Panel Designs
  • Windswept

    Graceful and stylish, this design depicts bowing trees on the foreshore, a stunning entry portal or ... +more